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CCAT is a voluntary coalition of people from all walks of life who can no longer stay silent and tolerate the oppression and enslavement of people, mainly women and often under-age girls, that exists in our community. These women and children are prevented from living life with the freedom they are entitled to as  human beings. They are held captive by Traffickers, Brothel Owners, Pimps, Maids (receptionists in a brothel) and by our silence, ignorance and passive acceptance of the problem.

  • CCAT was formed by a small group of individuals who realised what was happening in their local community. This modern slavery is happening in streets like yours, houses and flats next door to you. It is a hidden and underground business. The problem is perpetuated largely by men, the customers, seeking self gratification at the expense of the freedom of another human being. Croydon is now known to be one of the main entry “ports” for this violated human cargo and has the third largest sex industry in the UK.
  • Just over five years ago independent research suggested there were over 100 premises selling sex advertising in the Croydon area. Of these, at least 50 were openly offering sex for sale. Within these establishments, it was estimated 84% of the women working there were foreign nationals, many of whom were likely to have been trafficked. This also meant they were operated by organised trafficking and prostitution rings.   CCAT worked closely with the authorities to halve the number of establishments and continues to do so.
  • CCAT feel that we have to act to stop this injustice and will use our professional skills, citizen power, advocacy opportunities and our spare time to stop this from continuing in our communities.

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    CCAT is a voluntary coalition of people from all walks of life who work to raise awareness about human trafficking, oppression, and the enslavement of people, that exists in our own community. We work with local, regional and national agencies and seek to respect human rights at all times.


    There are many ways people contribute to our organisation, whether part of the community or through networks of other organisations or charities. We have a growing membership database of members in Croydon, and we regularly hold events throughout the year organised and sponsored by our volunteers.
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    If you're passionate about fighting trafficking in your community, you can donate, join or take part in our upcoming activities.
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